The Truth Behind the Trend: Made in America


The resurgence of “Made in America” has been a rising trend, just check out how #madeinamerica is trending on Twitter. But in all serious, it is literally what our country was built on.  The early, young American economy was replete with artisans—we created our own clothing, machines, tools, and grew our own food. And why wouldn’t we? We had just recently fought for our independence, and by-golly we were going to be independent! Plus, the other world powers did not want much to do with a bunch of colonial whippersnappers, so if we wanted it, we had to make it.

I have always loved studying early American history for that very reason, but it has been a  bittersweet study as I see how far the US strayed from that self-sufficient mindset. Buying American-made is more than just a hipster statement, it is a step toward reclaiming who we are and what we value as Americans. Americans still have stories to tell through their craft, and buying American-made products shows that we still value those stories.

I am proud to fall in line with America’s heritage and handcraft my pocket squares right here in Nashville, TN.


One thought on “The Truth Behind the Trend: Made in America

  1. I agree with you that made in America products are the way to go. Trade has always been a backbone of the American economy, especially with the trade embargos placed on us after our independence from Great Britain. We fought hard to maintain our independence through our self-sufficiency and the desire to entire the global trade market, like our early tobacco and sugar trades earned on the backs of indentured servants and slaves. Unfortunately, now it is cheaper to outsource labor and even customer service and that is a shame.

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