Howdy, we’re glad you stopped in!

Here at New York to Nashville,  we do more than make pocket squares.  We tell stories.

Most of our pocket squares began as a vintage piece or deadstock fabric that still had a story to tell. We wanted to hear that story, and we know you do too. This means that most of the pocket squares are LIMITED RUN– we only have so much of each fabric- often just enough for 4 squares.

Pocket squares capture the  history and romance of another time and place – a place we long to find in the midst of our busy lives. We handcraft each one to reflect charm and beauty of  all things Americana.

Tuck them into flannel, denim, or silk. Dress them up or down. Use them to decorate your blazer, or wipe a tear from a pretty lady’s eye. Consider it the Swiss Army Knife of accessories–so many uses, you wouldn’t dare leave the house without it.
Handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee.—————-

That’s a little about us– and we’d love to hear from  you. Feel free to reach out!

Twitter @NYtoNash

Email @ howdy{at}nytonashville.com




about us
Danielle Romero loves driving on country roads and Southern vintage, so naturally, the idea for New York to Nashville Pocket Squares happened on a drive to a small-town Tennessee flea market.  Her perfect day is a drive down to Leipers Fork, TN for a biscuit & gravy breakfast at Puckett’s and then a morning of garage sales with her husband.
You can follow her on twitter @delagrandterra.

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