{how to wear}

The Swiss Army Knife of Accessories

Tuck them into flannel, denim, or silk. Dress them up or down. Use them to decorate your blazer, or wipe a tear from a pretty lady’s eye. Consider it the Swiss Army Knife of accessories–so many uses, you wouldn’t dare leave the house without it.

But many of you do.
Son, have seat and listen here.

Traditionally, gentlemen with prowess, power, or prestige wore neutral (and dare I suggest, boring) pocket squares to complete the look of a suit jacket or blazer. The small square of fabric was gingerly tucked in to top off formal wear, and was a staple among dandies and the daring alike. In recent years,
men oft fall back to the pocket square only for weddings and important meetings, digging up a dreary silk thing that hangs out of their pocket in an awful fashion.


Take the pocket square a step further: ditch the tie. And the blazer.

Want to feel like an outlaw? Pair a buffalo plaid flannel pocket square with your chambray shirt or jean jacket. Looking for some Southern civility? Pop a red and white gingham square into your pocket –you’re ready to channel Rhett Butler.

For the rogue and the respected alike, let the pocket square bring you back to the basics of an being a well-bred, well-mannered modern man.


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